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Benefits include a listing in the NTPIA directory, receiving continuing education credits (a requirement in the state of Texas), and helping to promote our industry.

Full Membership $60.00

Individuals, licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Services  shall be eligible for and CAN ONLY make application for Full Membership AND NOT FOR AN  Associate membership, memberships are not transferable.

Life  Membership 

Are memberships awarded by the Association  membership after a written request is presented to the Association Board and presented to the membership at a general meeting. Dues for this membership are waived. 

Associate Membership $30.00

The Associate membership is for any NON-LICENSED  member as approved by the membership committee.  The Associate Member will have No Voting privileges.

Memberships Prorated on a Monthly Basis:

Full Membership @ $5.00 per month and Associate Membership @ $2.50 per month

Prorated Memberships must be paid in person at the door at a meeting or checks may be mailed to the P.O. Box listed to the left under the Mail Your Check heading.

New Members, Current Members, or Corrections

If you are a new member, or a current member needing changes to your listing, please download the PDF Appl. Form and return.

Pay or Join in Person

We accept applications and payments in person, at any meeting. Students, Registrants and Vendors are encouraged to join. Full voting membership is restricted to licensed investigators.

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Dallas, TX 75380

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